• Claim against nursing home for neglect of care and supervision resulting in alleged injuries from falling out of bed causing significant injuries to the hip and back. Surgery was recommended but due to the age of the plaintiff surgical intervention was not done.

  • Claim against assisted living facility for neglect and bed sores around the hips and tailbone areas. Claimant was in her eighties.

  • Claim by elderly man against nursing home for lack of medical care, neglect and deficient in the reporting of plaintiff’s condition in chart notes.

  • Claims for elder abuse, negligence against skilled nursing facility along with wrongful death. The contention issues included whether or not the patient/decedent was abused/neglected by the nursing staff in violation of elder abuse and dependent adult civil protection acts; whether the nursing facility was negligent in the care and treatment, and if so, was the negligence the proximate cause of the claimed injuries and whether the nursing facility’s actions caused the death of the decedent.

  • 30 year old female claims she was not mentally stable when she was admitted into nursing facility. She claims the facility was negligent in the supervision of the staff and in keeping poor chart notes. Plaintiff claims she was sexually molested by male attendants on numerous occasions. Plaintiff was unable to identify the perpetrator but narrowed it down to two males, both of which denied the allegations.

  • Numerous cases as against elder care facilities for statutory violations and negligence resulting in bodily injuries.



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