Case Manager:  Zuzana Bastow 

Tel: (949) 863-9800

  • Successfully mediated case involving slew of alleged bad acts by employer leading to claims for breach of contract, wrongful classification of employment, FEHA violations for sexual harassment, and fraud.

  • FEHA claims of hostile environment due to racists comments by supervisor

  • Employment case – Plaintiff terminated without benefit of reasonable accommodation consideration or an “interactive process” to explore reasonable accommodation after Plaintiff requested a 30 day medical leave.

  • Employment law – wage and hour claim – Plaintiff claimed employer did not pay overtime and failed to provide breaks for lunch.  Plaintiff claims employer wrongly classified employment as exempt vs. nonexempt.

  • Wage/hour dispute: Dispute between doctor and health care provider over amount of wages owed. Cross-Complaint against plaintiff for failure to provide services.

  • Wrongful termination: Plaintiff claimed gender based discrimination was substantial reason for her termination along with violation of whistle blower statute.

  • Sexual harassment/constructive termination: 30 year old employee of large company claims sexual harassment with sexually implicit comments by employer creating hostile environment. Plaintiff claims she was forced to quit her job due to hostile work environment. Defendant claims Plaintiff was insubordinate and had poor attendance.

  • 55 year old male brought claims for disability discrimination under Gov. Code along with constructive termination and wrongful denial of sick leave/differential pay benefits. Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment was denied. Defendant claimed Plaintiff exhausted the extended sick leave and that a second disability claim was properly denied per Education Code §444977 (the subsequent claim was essentially a combination of the prior claim of 4 years earlier). Plaintiff placed in a 39-month reemployment list per Education Code. Plaintiff claims damages include extended sick pay/overtime pay and additional long term disability benefits, lost income, and attorney fees.

  • 39 year old female claimed sexual abuse and harassment by co-worker on numerous occasions. Plaintiff also claims constructive termination due to hostile environment. Superiors claimed no knowledge and event was only a single occurrence and co-worker was immediately terminated upon being notified.

  • 19 year old female claims sexual harassment when supervisor had plaintiff sit on photocopy machine and photocopies were taken. Supervisor claims no damages as plaintiff consented and the event was considered a “joke.”

  • 35 year old female claims constructive termination, sexual battery, sexual harassment when employer/supervisor “tricked” plaintiff into sexual relations after work in the office and plaintiff contracted an STD and was forced to quit her job.

  • Two female plaintiffs (mid 40s) claim sexual harassment with fellow employee making sexual remarks and innuendos about plaintiffs’ physical appearance. Both plaintiffs quit their jobs based on hostile environment. Defendants claim both plaintiffs played along and were not damaged.

  • Dispute between doctor and health care provider over amount of wages owed. Cross-Complaint for breach of contract of Hospital against plaintiff for failure to provide services.

  • Plaintiff claims gender based discrimination which was a substantial reason for the termination of her employment. Additionally, Plaintiff claimed violation of Civil Code Section 1102.5 (Whistleblower Statute)

  • 34 year old employee of large corporation claims she was sexually harassed with sexually implicit comments by male employer creating hostile working environment. Plaintiff claimed she was forced to quit her job due to the hostile work environment. The defendant claimed plaintiff was insubordinate and had poor attendance.

  • Numerous cases involving co-employees/owners of businesses claimed to be victims of unconsented “touching” of “private parts” while on the job. Defenses of “consent” or “trivial” touching were often the defenses.