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  • severe leg injury requiring 3 surgeries with significant scarring and deformity from a slip and fall.

  • sexual abuse of a minor with no coverage and limited assets of the defendant

  • Huge impact with 18 wheeler. Serious PTSD injuries, rersulting in continuous counseling and treatment. 

  • Settled claims brought by a minor for sexual abuse, sexual discrimination and sexual assault against a governmental employee and the employer. Issues of employment status vs. independent contractor status as well as causation issues were presented.

  • Slip and fall in store parking lot with "dangerous conditions" being the contested issue.

  • Multi-vehicle accident rendered Plaintiff a paraplegic. Defense claimed defenses of failure to seatbelt along with negligently entering a vehicle knowing the driver was drunk and under the influence of drugs. Medical bill approx. 1 million with life care plan estimate of 10-15 million.

  • Forklift accident – Plaintiff alleged employer failed to train any supervisor employees in the use and operation of a forklift resulting in Plaintiff (employee) to sustain severe hand injuries.

  • Passenger in food truck without seatbelt sustained serious neck/back injuries resulting in multiple surgeries – workers compensation involved with $200K in benefits paid. Big issue of employee negligence and Plaintiff’s comparative negligence.Trip and fall – 65 year old male, workers comp case and third party case – hip fracture with 60,000 past med, future surgery needed to correct first surgery complication.

  • Plaintiff motorcyclist accused of lane splitting while driving a “crotch rocket” impacted a vehicle making lane change in HOV lane – liability dispute
    Soft tissue injury to wrist and leg.
    $25,000 “Howell Bills”
    2 Weeks lost earnings.

  • Slip and fall – liability dispute – 40 year old female.  $25,000 medical bills.  Good recovery.
    First party claim against carrier for S/T injury with 4 epidural injections: 68K in meds with continued complaints and surgery recommended = the remaining issue was causation considering the pre-existing pathology in the low back.

  • Plaintiff motorcyclist accused of lane splitting while driving a “crotch rocket” impacted a vehicle making lane change into HOV lane – liability dispute.  Soft tissue injury to wrist and leg.

  • Middle aged male claimed soft tissue and cervical spine disk replacement from a rear-end accident. The surgery was successful with 100% recovery. Medical bills (Howell) were minimal.

  • Middle aged female claims continued low back pain that won’t go away after motor vehicle accident. Treatment included physical therapy, chiropractic, three epidural injections, facet joint injections and radio frequency ablation. Medical bills waived.

  • Elderly woman claims she needs hip replacement and knee surgery after slip-and-fall in grocery store. “Notice” was the issue. Summary Judgment Motion was pending at time of mediation.

  • Young adult female claims lung and bronchial infection due to long term mold exposure in apartment dwelling. Plaintiff was taking medications for asthma prior to mold exposure but claims it got worse after moving into mold infested apartment.

  • Middle aged male claims permanent nerve damage with “Parkinsons” type symptoms after electrical shock in warehouse. Doctors for both sides testified there is no cure.

  • Neurological (palsy), ankle fractures. Bicycle v. motor vehicle accident requiring several surgeries to the leg and ankle along with diffuse brain injury with peroneal nerve palsy, with permanent limp.

  • Slip and fall: Old roof causing water to drip on restaurant floor. Plaintiff suffered knee and shoulder injuries. There were surgeries to the shoulder and knee.

  • Burn/Scarring: Auto v. Auto resulting in severe burns and scars to left hand and leg.

  • Big rig 18 wheeler makes left turn in front of motorcyclist. Injuries included fractures to the femur resulting in internal fixation with metal rods and screws; shoulder meniscus tear resulting in arthroscopic surgery. Plaintiff hospitalized for 1 week, out of work for 1 year.

  • Scar case/Face Lacerations: bike v. auto. 2 – 5 inch scars on both forearms on male 30 year old. Facial lacerations, possible 20% comparative.

  • This was a longstanding claim for work related injuries to the knee (surgery) and back (2 surgeries) with a lien. Disputes in liability and causation – lienholder reduced lien.

  • Mold exposure and sewer backflow into apartment dwelling. Plaintiff exposed to this condition for 18 months resulting in chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, sore throat and asthma. Mold types included: 1) aspergillius; 2) penicillium; 3) chaetomium; 4) tricoderma.

  • Severe lower back herniated disk case: Admitted to liability but denied causation for any injury as a result of the accident. Four years preceding the accident, the 33 year old plaintiff treated with physical therapists, pain management centers, MRI facilities, neurologists, and other health care providers. Surgery was conducted post-accident to the neck and low back. The defense contended that plaintiff was a surgical candidate prior to the accident.

  • Numerous wrongful death cases resulting from auto cases, trip and fall, electrocution, drowning, boat accidents and sexual assault.