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  • Big Impact with mild TBI along with ortho injuries

  • Settled a case involving a MVA TBI with cognitive deficit and memory loss

  • 40 year old male claimed traumatic brain injury (TBI) resulting from MVA. Orthopedic injuries and internal organ injuries were reported as severe resulting in surgical intervention in the cervical spine. Orthopedists, neurologists and neuropsychologists testified. Medical bills were in high six figure range. Issue on the neurological aspect was extent of neurological deficit, if any.

  • Teenage female claimed traumatic head injury and orthopedic lower extremity injuries from a fall off a balcony. Disputed liability as comparative negligence is major issue. Alcohol was also involved.

  • Middle age female plaintiff was claiming a loss of smell and taste. Her head hit the ground in response to avoid getting struck by a motorcycle while standing on a corner waiting to cross the street. No loss of consciousness and hospital did not feel a CT of the head was warranted on the day of accident. A subsequent CT of head showed negative results. Plaintiff’s doctor suggested a residual compromise to the brain stem occurred which compromised the loss of taste and smell. Doctor couldn’t confirm or disaffirm a brain injury related to the accident.

  • Motorcycle causing serious internal injury. Big issue here was one of “causation”. 45 year old male riding a “crotch rocket” when defendant’s tractor-trailer rig fishtails and jack knifes in front of plaintiff causing plaintiff to collide with the big rig. Other motorists were able to see the truck go out of control to avoid a collision and because plaintiff tried to accelerate to speed by the truck, he miscalculated and ended up impacting the truck causing his demise. Injuries include head trauma, foot, ankle and shoulder injuries (both requiring surgery) with post-traumatic stress syndrome and memory issues.