• Inverse condemnation water damage v. Municipality: Claims for damages against Municipality for water main leak causing water to enter the home of the Plaintiff damaging floors, furniture, appliances and exterior damages to stucco, roofing and windows. Claim was coupled with bad faith allegations for delay in carrier’s assessment of the damages and underestimating “low balling” the property damages. Damages claimed included personal property, repair of the house, living expenses, emotional distress (bad faith) and attorney’s fees.

  • Plaintiff college student was injured while playing intramural basketball in college gymnasium. Plaintiff claimed the basketball court bleachers were constructed too close to the basketball court. Plaintiff was injured while attempting to block an opponent’s shot and landed on the bleachers.

  • Plaintiff’s condominium caught fire as a result of defective wiring in the walls of building. Plaintiff sustained significant property damage to personal items.

  • Numerous cases involved “falling” on landowner’s premises.

  • Numerous slip and fall cases against grocery store chains.



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