• First party bad faith claim for carrier’s denial of property damage claim to real property. Conflicting statements under oath. Carrier investigation suggests arson.

  • Homeowner had policy of insurance with “renter” exclusion – carrier denied coverage. Fire destroyed the home. Insured claims carrier wrongfully denied coverage based on ambiguity of exclusion coverage. Broker denied liability as all they did was provide a policy and it was the carrier who denied coverage, not the broker.

  • Insured claims bad faith against carrier for cancelling the auto policy just prior to the MVA – carrier claims insured let the policy lapse due to non-payment of premium. So insured sues broker as well for not telling insured the cancellation notice went out. Insured was sent cancellation notice timely, but insured failed to pay the premium.

  • Dispute between insured and auto-insurance carrier for bad-faith denial of coverage benefits after insured’s vehicle was struck by rolling object on freeway.

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