Case Manager:  Zuzana Bastow 

Tel: (949) 863-9800


"Scott's a phenomenal mediator. Works hard and doesn't rest until there's a good resolution for the parties"

"Mr. Dickinson is an excellent Mediator who has been used by my office and the carrier involved. He is professional, fair and hard hitting if necessary. He is an asset to ADR Services, Inc."


"Scott was great at getting a very challenging HOA dispute settled with no wiggle room."


"Scott knows his cases, his anatomy and literally was the reason the case settled."


"ADR does a great job of making the participants comfortable at their offices. Scott Dickinson is a pro who works very hard to get the sides to resolution."


"Scott Dickinson is outstanding"


"Scott Dickinson is one of our favorite mediators because he gets the job done. He remains neutral during the entire process and works hard to get both parties to reach a settlement. And we always get superior service from Megan, who is a pleasure to work with."


"Mediator Scott Dickinson and the entire ADR team is top notch. Thanks for helping us settle our challenging case!"


"Scott Dickinson was amazing! He connected very well with our client, and gained his trust. We settled the case via his mediator's proposal."


"Scott Dickinson is in the Top 1 percent of all mediators"


"Scott Dickinson is outstanding. Surprisingly great mediator. Never used him before. Would use him again."


"Easy to schedule and really happy with the outcome. Scott always gets a good result even when the defense comes with no money."


"Scott is excellent. We did not settle but we left with a better understanding of the issues."


"Mr. Dickinson's medical knowledge allows a better understanding of my client's injuries and treatment. It is my belief and experience, that this fact helps to get matters resolved."


"Scott Dickinson was FANTASTIC! He was well prepared and well versed on the facts of the case in advance of the mediation. He spent time with the defense talking through our strengths and weaknesses. He managed all of the personalities and complexities of the case (including adjusters, Plaintiff, attorneys, etc). I would HIGHLY recommend him – intelligent, good people skills, trustworthy (keeping confidences) and a great sense of humor (which helps during long mediations)!"